Music in the present is released from the bonds of the past and does not fall into future expectations, a music of the here and now, which is always new, thanks to the rain of intuition on the humus of personal experiences.
                                                                                                                  Recording at Prague 4th october 2019

Natalie Peters voice           Guy Bettini cornet                             Guillaume Gargaud guitar


Natalie Peters began her career as an actress, starting from these experience she develops increasingly here voice to a very personal instrument, appearing as a duo with Guy Bettini in different Festivals. The collected experiences make it possible that Natalie develops a vocal range that goes from the recitative to the cantabile, overcomings the stylistic borders of classical music through the overtone singing and the vocal experiments. She develops her improvisation awareness working accordingly in the "Sous-sol" ensemble under the conducting of Guy Bettini. She plays concerts with Barre Phillips, Urs Leimgruber, Paul Lovens, Luca Sisera, Luca Pissavini, Beatrice Graf, Christian Wolfarth, Joëlle Léandre, Achille Such, Christian Weber, Gerry Hemingway, Silvia Bolognesi and many others. She also earned a Master's degree in the technique of the Feldenkrais method.

Guy Bettini Trumpeter, Swiss Italian improviser, lives for twelve years in Berlin, founder of the movement of the "Echtzeitmusik" and cooperates with Pavel Fajt, Olaf Rupp, Peter Kowald, George Lewis, Tony Buck, Paul Lovens (…)
Member of Joëlle Léandre ensemble playing at international festivals. Free-chamber music with "Margaretes Zimmer” (M.Huber Sop, D. de Bernardi db) first prize at the"Festival Infernale" HDK Berlin. 2000 he wins the support in the jazz section of the Berlin Senate. He works also with DJ Orlow and with the d&b trio the "Human Sampler". Engagement for a composition at the "Festival of jazz Chiasso in 2005. He creates "Freenology" with Sonny Simmons, Paul Lovens and Clayton Thomas, concerts across Europe. Quartet with Alex von Schlippenbach, swiss tour. Duo with Urs Leimgruber, trio with Sebi Tramontana and Natalie Peters, quartet with Gerry Hemingway, Luca Sisera and Fabio Martini. With XOL (Francesco Miccolis & Luca Pissavini) European tour with Peter Brötzmann and Swiss tour with Harri Sjöström. Founder and conductor of the Ensemble "Sous-sol" large group for collective improvisation. He plays with Barre Phillips, Michel Doneda, Werner Lüdi, Jaques Demierre, Frank Gratkowski, Gianni Gebbia, Roger Turner, Silvia Bolognesi, Achille Succi (...)

Guillaume Gargaud is a French composer and improvisational guitarist. He's already participated about twenty five albums and composed many musics for contemporary dance and movies. He has collaborated with Stephen Grew (UK) Conserveries Mémorielles (Quebec) Light Cone (Paris) Burton Greene (Chicago) Marc Edwards (NY), Ben Bennett (US) Jack Wright (US), Raymond Alan Kaczynski, Mike Majkowski,(Berlin), Zachary Darrup (US) Korvat Auki Ensemble (Helsinki) Pied Nu (FR) F.Barabino (Buenos Aires) Sandrine Lascaux (Le havre) and many more. He plays "solo" in Europe and the United States & Canada. He lives in Le Havre in France where he also teaches the improve music.
He has played recently at Mixtur Festival (Barcelona) Colchester Arts Center (UK) WIM (Zürich) CreativeFest (Lisboa) Overtoom 301 (Amsterdam) Elastic Festival (Oxford) Skolska 28 (Prague) Quiet Violence Festival (Berlin) Kaunas in art Festival (Lithuania) The house art (Ostrava) Oslo10 (Basel) MuMa Art Center (France) USA & Canada Tour Huset-KBH (Copenhagen) MOZG (Warsaw) AZILO (Naples) Art Center MadXII (Latina) Interpenetration (Graz) kunstbetrieb (Vienna) Offene Ohren MUG (Munich) Festival M.I.C Circo Ru (Locarno) Noise Delivery Festival (Turin) Forum Box (Helsinki) (…)




Festival october 2019 Opava ©Vendula Kolářová & Nela Bártová