SOLO-New Album

This album has recording with an acoustic guitar "000" It's the result of my last two years of work. It's an improvisation. One shot recording in october 2017 at Le Havre. If you want a CD write me at

Some photos of my last concerts

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Concert at NY & Recording with Marc Edwards

Website Soon a new album. You can see a video extract here

ENDIOSADA New Creation of Zwann eï

Faith «struggles insanely, if you will, for the possibility» as «without possibility it is as though a person cannot draw breath» (Sören Kierkegaard, The Sickness Unto Death) Such is the  existential struggle: believing despite inevitable loss and despite the impossibility of any help. Believing is what prevents from perishing. Drawing from the themes of faith and belief, the performance Endiosada (literally entrusted by God ) explores freely the points of contact between life devoted to the permanent quest for help and transcendence.

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New composition- Fendre Les Flots

A 42 days journey aboard a container ship results in a filmic diary in which is written, between the departure and the return to Le Havre, the flow of days. In the continuity of the route, the illimited horizon of the Atlantic ocean, stops in Central America and in major ports of the northern range, commercial operations, life on board ... are visual and sound material of the film which materiality is crossed by the music of Guillaume Gargaud who comes as moments of retirement.
Christophe Guérin distribution Light Cone from Paris

It's an composition for the movie of Christophe Guérin. I took my electric guitar to make this seven tracks. The movie was screened at Ciné Salé Festival & Les inattendus Festival

Collaborations with Speet Silex

ZKRAAP is the latest manifestation of improvisational rock and free jazz drumming. The avant-garde free jazz has a small following, however it has made an impression in the music world. Rock musicians are very knowledgeable about other musical genres. Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, for example, has worked with several free jazz artists. Electric guitarist, Guillaume Gargaud takes this concept even further via his long melodic excursions, while drummer, Speet Silex, is exploring via free jazz drumming. ZKRAAP is a highly combustible duo that grabs the audience and doesn’t let go. They maintain the high energy free jazz approach at length, gradually, returning to the earth to more familiar surroundings. For those that like adventurous music, look no further than this exciting duo.

                                                                  Marc Edwards From NY Free Jazz/Noise Rock Drummer

Album cover made by Speet $ilex

Collaborations with Speet Silex